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Our company, INOVUM SRL, specializes in the supply of products/equipment nationally and internationally. 

Our originality is reflected in our ability to deliver and commission items/equipment from a wide range of products, which are sometimes obtained by rigorous methods or belong to the category of innovative products, unique in the world, which are sometimes not present in the European market. 

Our company does not limit itself to standard products, our portfolio also includes innovative equipment, new technologies that give our customers the opportunity to start or reinvent a business. 

As a general supplier, we can offer our customers a number of benefits that allow them to complete successfully started projects in a shorter time. 

These benefits include the preparation of a single procurement file, i.e. a single supply contract, a single invoice, a single handover and commissioning report and a single certificate of guarantee and conformity. This facilitates the submission of documents for the settlement and closure of the project in record time. Furthermore, if problems arise with the products or documents submitted, only one company needs to be contacted, thus shortening the resolution time. 

If you want your project to be a real success, contact us, we will deliver everything from A to Z!