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agricultura moderna

Agricultural project

Efficient solutions for modern agricultural projects

Agriculture and farmers have only recently gained a more acceptable social image among the younger generation. Even the youngest have come to understand that working alongside animals, working with the land, can be a very rewarding choice in terms of profitability as well as health.

The rapid changes that have been characteristic of the last few years have not bypassed agriculture either. As a tradition-bound country, it is only in recent years that we have come to understand the urgent need to invest heavily in modernisation. Farmers, realising that the market imposes serious quality and quantity limits, have gradually turned their attention to the possibilities offered by the European agricultural funds in 2021. However, they have also come to the conclusion that the legislation that needs to be complied with in order to benefit from the goods that can be purchased with the help of these projects requires the involvement of experts, because the risks are too great.


How can a business access European funds?

We understand that a farmer’s priority is to have efficient agricultural machinery and that the more diversified the machinery fleet, the more efficient the work. If we only think of the most common ones, we can list a lot: agricultural combiners, maize seeders, tillers, combine harvesters, tractor rotary mowers, agricultural cultivators, agricultural disc harrows, herbicides, soil millers, class agricultural combines, etc. This means many projects, many approaches, which would distract much needed energy on the practical side.

In this situation, we recommend outsourcing. Hiring professionals to correctly assess the situation, create customised projects based on specific needs, draw up the paperwork and follow up the process of purchasing agricultural machinery is the best possible choice. Working with an external collaborator will ensure the necessary steps are taken to meet all requirements without putting additional pressure on the company.


How can a business find eligible partners to support the steps of an agricultural project?


Because it is indeed difficult to find partners with real experience, we, the Inovum team, are committed to this mission, based on the recommendation of a large number of satisfied clients and successfully completed projects.

The Inovum team is made up of experienced specialists who speak foreign languages to perfection and regularly attend training courses so that they are always prepared even for the latest regulations and news. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need partners for the preparation of projects for the purchase of agricultural machinery. Thank you very much.


Our team is composed of colleagues who speak several languages at an advanced level, understand the principles of logistics very well, have experience in solving complex problems, are used to handling possible syncopations in the procurement process, and last but not least, they regularly participate in specialized trainings so that their negotiation skills are flawless.