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Incurajarea dezvoltarii a afacerilor prin proiecte

Business development project

Encouraging business development through projects

Local business development is a benefit to each participating party, directly or indirectly. Local production creates jobs, ensures close control over quality, saves time because it avoids lengthy transport and can all be adjusted in the shortest possible time if needs change. These are the main reasons why we recommend and encourage the consumption of local products, services and the development of this type of business.

Lately, since transport has become difficult and expensive, the population explosion has become felt in rural areas, it is the right time to develop ideas that can be adapted to a rural business. With many costs being more bearable in rural areas, a good business idea can more easily be turned into a profitable business in rural areas of the country.

What are the advantages of the rural environment for developing a business for the future?

First of all, generous space, accessible at reasonable costs. Unlike in crowded cities, a business that needs generous storage space, such as an online retail business, will find it much easier to find the space it needs for its activity, and at a much more rational cost. Going beyond this objective point, available manpower, high security and lower overall costs are all strengths, no matter what type of business you would like to develop.

How could you find support for the development of the “business in the country” idea?

The rural business idea is even favoured by the European Union. Many European funds are available for these areas. If the idea of a profitable business away from the noise of the city has already been born, do not hesitate to contact us!

Dezvoltare afacere

Business development

Let us, the Inovum team, recommend us, who, after a large number of already completed projects, can offer you real support in terms of running rural business development projects.

Whether it is a one-off opportunity or business development, regular expansions, do not hesitate to contact us. The Inovum team is ready to provide answers to any questions, queries. Our team places great emphasis on communication. Our colleagues are specialists who speak several languages at a high level. Please do not hesitate to contact the Inovum team to see for yourself!


Our team is composed of colleagues who speak several languages at an advanced level, understand the principles of logistics very well, have experience in solving complex problems, are used to dealing with possible syncopations in the procurement process and, last but not least, they regularly attend specialist training courses so that their negotiating skills are flawless.