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Car simulator, a new attraction for students

After 20 years the car simulator brings back the entrance exam

The car simulator is a new technological revelation, because we live in a time of speed, where time is no longer enough, everything is developing fast, many do not adapt or refuse to do so, lose out and fall behind, sometimes we can be surprised where evolution starts.

Let’s get straight to the point, like any institution or business we want success, but what does success mean for an educational institution, the students?
To our pleasant surprise, the first school in Romania to take the step towards innovation was Cadea Technological High School no.1, a small school in the province that accessed the European investment fund and with the help of Inovum SRL purchased a construction machinery simulator.

The beautiful story of this high school is that until now it was only wanted by local students who may not have had the opportunity to go to another high school, but now the circumstances have reversed, after more than two decades, there is a need for an entrance exam because the number of students who want to study is far too high.


Simulator auto

Simulator auto


The car simulator and its benefits

To put it simply, the simulator makes a realistic transfer from physical learning, of an agricultural machine, car, truck, bus, ambulance, heavy or construction machinery, to a virtual one, which reduces carbon emissions from the 120mg/CO2 km of a normal car to 0mg/CO2 km, cannot cause accidents to both the machine and the driver, so decreases the overall risk of material damage that can be created during learning.
This transfer to the virtual world prepares the learner in a unique way, stimulates almost all the senses, creates automatism, reflexes, exercises on possible moments encountered in reality, situations can be understood to the maximum before using the system on a real car.
Why risk accidents where students roll over or hit the vehicle, it has happened so many times, let’s learn from our mistakes.

This allows the simulator driver to experience and feel the whole process, the starting and the authentic sound of the engine with realistic but risk-free technology, this is where the student’s adventure begins.
The simulator is composed of two important parts, the hardware which contains 4 realistic screens, and the driving system for each machine or vehicle, the software part represented by the machine or vehicle, i.e. a simulator can have more than one software (ambulance, car, bus etc..), the assistance of an artificial thinking, gives results based on points at each attempt, measured in relation to quality, safety and economy, a very important aspect is the camera that looks directly into the eyes of the driver to see the reactions and analyze the evolution.
For good performance and driving, the multi-machine environment allows several users to work on the same site, this aspect promotes communication and teamwork, a minimum of two simulators is needed to do this.


How the car simulator has helped Cadea Technological High School

The students were excited about the device and their enthusiasm showed through thousands of posts, pictures and videos posted on social media and the best word of mouth marketing.
It all took off in a huge way, besides the thousands of posts the school got on TV, Bihorean radio, all this has brought a great reputation to this school and students are eager to enroll.

High school experience and recommendations

Why do we have a shortage of tradespeople if vocational schools say everything is going well?

Students who have access to this machine will have an advantage over everyone else, because they will have hundreds of hours on the machine over those who take a certificate in 10 hours, during the 4 years of high school, students will learn how to handle any situation and will have experience and can discover their passion.

Students will be able to be recommended to construction companies, or to logistics companies or other fields, all this makes the school practical and attracts many students, providing studies that are useful for everyone, giving a livelihood immediately after finishing high school or even before.

Romania used to have a system whereby students who finished such a high school received a certificate, but with the fall of communism this system could no longer be sustained.

These simulators are the revelation of the 21st century although it seems a big investment, it really is, but if we were to buy all the machines separately, their maintenance, the risk of damage, the fact that they deteriorate, the costs would be much higher. The simulator incorporates all the machines into one system.

Which will be the first school in Romania to create a simulator system?