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Proiect de dezvoltare a afaceri

Commercial project

Supply optimization. How?

Productivity is the new magic word when it comes to small, medium and large businesses. Productivity actually means optimising for production with minimised resources. We also understand the rationale, but a new question arises, how?

Commercial projects can be very different, from the design, erection and operation of a cinema to the indirect purchase of raw materials. But what is essential in both cases is that everything runs like clockwork! All the materials must arrive at exactly the right time, in the right quantities, to ensure continuity, but without hindering storage. For productivity to be assured, supply management must never go wrong, and a series of details must work perfectly together.

Innovative business processes have done much to help the field of sales become more efficient and stable, and these innovative processes are at the heart of the development of the type of commerce we know today as ecommerce.

Why is project-based sourcing recommended?

Sourcing management becomes much more manageable if it is project-based. With a multitude of tasks, which depend on the smooth execution of others, a rigorous management can ensure the smooth functioning and fulfilment of all tasks in order for the project to succeed.

What transparent solutions are available for this type of management?

Proiect comercialCommercial projectThis is where we, the inovum team, recommend ourselves, who, after a large number of projects already completed, can offer you real support in the running of a commercial and procurement project. We are well-informed in all matters of legislation and collaboration policy when it comes to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Regardless of whether it is a one-off opportunity or regular developments, do not hesitate to contact us. The Inovum team is ready to provide answers to any questions, queries. Our team places great emphasis on communication. Our colleagues are specialists who speak several languages at a high level. Please do not hesitate to contact the Inovum team to see for yourself!



Our team is composed of colleagues who speak several languages at an advanced level, understand the principles of logistics very well, have experience in solving complex problems, are used to dealing with possible syncopations in the procurement process and, last but not least, they regularly attend specialist training courses so that their negotiating skills are flawless.