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Proiect cultural

Cultural and art project

Cultural project and art? We are delighted to join you!

Proiect cultural No matter the period, people have always needed opportunities to convey their values. The totality of material and spiritual values created by mankind is called culture. Preserving, transmitting and spreading these values is of great importance to a society, especially in times that challenge human character. These national and international values remain points of reference, on the basis of which society evolves and does not lose its identity.

But spreading and preserving cultural values rarely becomes a profitable business. This was the reason why, since ancient times, wealthy families have assumed this expense, thus giving birth to patronage. In the contemporary period we have also known the idea of sponsorship, but given the importance of this segment, even each government has always allocated substantial funds for this activity.

In Romania, the Administration of the National Cultural Fund, ANCF is the administration that manages significant cultural and art projects. Besides these AFCN culture and art projects, we are obviously talking about a large market, with infinite possibilities and a diversified audience, and a very broad interest.

Considering that in good times, not only citizens but also tourists are attracted by cultural possibilities, we should not neglect the commercial impact of possible cultural and art projects. If you are involved or interested in such projects, we, the Inovum team, are more than happy to support you in taking the necessary steps to complete all the necessary steps until the successful closing of the cultural or art project.

Why do you think we need technical professionals when it comes to culture and art?

A project, grants, regardless of whether it is a cultural and/or art project, require strict rules to be followed, often complex legislation to be respected and, last but not least, strict plans to be drawn up and respected regarding the necessary expenses. For the guaranteed success of these projects, we recommend the involvement of specialists in the field.

Why should I choose to work with the Inovum team?

Our team is recommended by a large number of projects already completed, and can offer you real support in the implementation of cultural and art projects.

Whether it’s a one-off occasion or regular events, don’t hesitate to contact us. The Inovum team is ready to provide answers to any questions, queries. Our team places great emphasis on communication. Our colleagues are specialists who speak several languages at a high level. Please, do not hesitate to contact the team, to see for yourself!


Our team is composed of colleagues who speak several foreign languages at an advanced level, understand the principles of logistics very well, have experience in solving complex problems, are used to handling possible syncopations in the procurement process, and last but not least, they regularly participate in specialized training, so that their negotiation skills are impeccable.