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Proiect de mediu

Environmental project

Protecting the environment – the absolute new directive for mankind

Every year the European Union adopts new regulations, issues increasingly stringent directives and laws on environmental protection. These regulations are designed to protect the air, soil, water, living creatures and the built and natural environment.

The environmental agreement is the administrative act that sets out the conditions and measures for environmental protection in line with the latest European regulations. All these measures must be strictly observed every time a project that could have a major impact on the environment is carried out.

These environmental protection laws in many cases no longer support the profitability of some projects, no matter how useful they may be for society at the time. They are in the long-term interest, thus ensuring a viable future for our heirs. As a sensitive subject, we can read more and more reports on environmental protection, and we can see that opinions remain divided. Development, indeed, remains just as important as environmental protection, so in the case of every project it is recommended that the regulations of the environmental agreement, no matter how cumbersome, be strictly adhered to.

How can I ensure compliance with the environmental agreement regulations?

Regardless of the nature of the project that needs to be approved for compliance with the environmental agreement, we recommend consulting, hiring professionals, who deal with the day-to-day, professional level of this branch. With a plethora of regulations and directives that change quite often, you need a team that is always on top of things. Otherwise, the success of the project is not guaranteed, as lack of environmental approval can effectively stop any work.

Where can I find the right advice to meet all the environmental consent regulations?

The Inovum team is recommended for this task! Based on significant experience on environmental management and environmental protection projects, our team can take on this task, and is able to bring it to a successful conclusion. Although a significant number of regulations need to be complied with, thanks to our experience, we can assure you that it is not a burden to solve.

Proiect de mediuWhether it is a one-off opportunity or regular developments, extensions, do not hesitate to contact us. The Inovum team is ready to provide you with answers to any questions, concerns. Our team places great emphasis on communication. Our colleagues are specialists who speak several languages at a high level. Please do not hesitate to contact the Inovum team to see for yourself.



Our team is composed of colleagues who speak several languages at an advanced level, understand the principles of logistics very well, have experience in solving complex problems, are used to dealing with possible syncopations in the procurement process and, last but not least, they regularly attend specialist training courses so that their negotiating skills are flawless.