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mTiny coding kit – Panda bear robot – for kindergartens and schools

Makeblock Mtiny Coding Kit, Early Education Smart Robot Toy


“The greatest sign of a teacher’s success is being able to say: Children are now working as if I don’t exist”

Maria Montessori

It is a complex educational toy dedicated to kindergartens and schools, which rises to the level of the 21st century, where smart education is considered important. The toy is very complex, consisting of: 1 piece smart robot with an attractive and friendly panda bear shape, 1 piece remote control, 1 piece USB 2.0 charger with two micro USB 2.0 outputs used to be able to charge the two devices at the same time, respectively the robot and the remote control.

The kit contains two boxes. In the first box we find the Panda robot, the remote control, the charging cable and a handle-type device used during the game as a card holder. An envelope containing three masks that allow the robot to disguise itself as another animal (cat, puppy and kitten), two manual-type books with guides and game suggestions, and sets of cards with different signs and commands used to program the routes followed by the robot.

The second box contains two sets of puzzle trails, three cards from which the left-right-right indicators and the cards with different types of emotions can be taken out, a transparent envelope containing the theme cards and the user manual of the game.

The Panda robot’s eyes function as a smart screen, displaying not only the signs related to the emotions and states it expresses during the game, but also the battery charge level of the two devices, robot and remote control, as well as the connection status of the remote control, so that if the remote control is not synchronised with the robot, a question mark appears in its eyes.


The panda robot should be seen as a baby animal, a baby panda bear that needs to be cared for, fed, taken to a show/circus, taught to play the piano, to read, to walk in the street in a regular way, and many other activities and skills that even kindergarten children need to learn during the pre-school period, when, although play remains the dominant activity, it begins to be linked to educational tasks.

The Panda robot will come to life in the hands of the little carers, who will become teachers for their new ‘friend’, but also for themselves as they learn more about what they have learnt.

The toy is complex, and the activities you offer the little ones help psychomotor and sensory development, as well as intelligence and thinking.

Learning through play of activities, states, emotions, behaviours is the basic concept used in the development of this intelligent robot and offers teachers both a teaching tool through play, the main method used in scout organisations, which has been winning over young people for more than a decade, stimulating, among many other skills, the imagination of the little explorers, and an effective means of activating the whole group of pupils, developing team spirit.

The robot has been tested both by adults, teachers and parents, to study the complexity of the game, and by children, our game experts, to see the sincere reactions that the use of the Panda robot generates, as well as the skills it develops among children in a short time.

The results were positive, both from adults and children, and the final conclusion was characterized by the words of educator Maria Montessori, decades ago:

“Development takes the form of a drive towards greater and greater independence. It is like an arrow released from its bow, flying straight, fast and sure. ”

Maria Montessori


If we talk about the financial side and where to buy it, the importer of the Panda Robot Bear, or rather Makeblock Mtiny Coding Kit, Early Education Smart Robot Toy is the company Inovum srl, which imports and sells several types of intelligent robots used in education as well as the Panda Robot.

The price of a complete set of Panda robots is 2330 – 2890 RON, depending on the number of pieces purchased.

Together with my team, I recommend this educational game, as we consider it one of the most complex games on the current Romanian market.

Koteles Dieter

11/11/2021 – Oradea